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Depending on a variety of factors, the average life expectancy of a good quality battery is 5 – 7 years. With the addition of air conditioning systems and other in-car electronic gadgets the demand on your car’s battery increases. Having your battery frequently checked is recommended as this will maintain it to an optimum working level.

When choosing the right battery to meet your driving needs, Central Tyre offers expert advice to all of our customers. With lifetime guarantees now available on an exclusive range of batteries you have the added peace of mind that you are in safe hands.

If you are ever worried about your car’s battery then you can call in to any of our Central Tyre centres, no appointment necessary and they will be more than happy to check this for you.

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At Central Tyre, our Commercial & Agricultural centres stock a range of batteries for a wide variety of commercial and agricultural vehicles including HGVs, heavy plant and cranes.

To remain cost efficient, fleet downtime must be kept to a minimum, whilst productivity needs to be increased. This makes reliability, durability and premium performance paramount for all commercial and agricultural vehicles.


HGVs, trucks & delivery vehicles place different strains on the vehicle battery depending on their usage. HGVs for example are commonly employed for long distance journeys during which in-cab electrical equipment is used regularly. Delivery vehicles on the other hand will be used for shorter, multiple-stop journeys, often requiring the regular use of a tail lift application. Therefore, it is essential that the correct battery is fitted in the right vehicle in order to provide the most efficient power source.


These vehicles often face extreme terrain and lengthy daily use, therefore, operating conditions often demand more from the battery. A reliable starter battery is necessary and fleet downtime is not acceptable. The battery utilised must be durable, reliable and resistant to vibration with maximum starting power. Each battery has been tested to the latest EN standards and rated accordingly. The higher the ‘V’ rating the higher the resistance to vibration; this results in increased safety as a result of reduced internal short circuits.


Based on the type of vehicle and its typical usage, we recommend fitting the following type of batteries:

Vehicle Type Recommended Battery
HGV With Sleeper Cab Platinum Xtreme Plus
HGV With No Sleeper Cab Platinum Xtreme
Truck / Delivery Vehicle With Tail Lift Platinum Xtreme Plus
Truck / Delivery Vehicles Without Tail Lift Platinum Xtreme
Small Tractor Platinum Xtreme Plus – V2
Large Tractor Platinum Xtreme Plus Sealed – V3
Combine Harvester Platinum Xtreme Plus Sealed – V3
Excavators Platinum Xtreme Plus Sealed – V3
Bulldozers Platinum Xtreme Plus Sealed – V3
Large Cranes Platinum Xtreme Plus Sealed – V3
Cranes Platinum Xtreme Plus Sealed – V3

For more information, please contact your local Commercial and Agricultural Centre